Vehicle data acquisition for your fleet management Vehicle data acquisition for your fleet management

Fleet management with ZMI

With this ZMI – module you can extend your time and order management to your fleet. The advantages for a fleet management are manifold – the following information can be obtained in detail:

  • Who drove which vehicle and when?
  • How many kilometers were driven?
  • What costs were incurred?
  • Departer and arrival times
  • Geofencing for site bookings
  • Display of the driving distance as a route
  • Current position of the vehicles
  • Booking location of a time booking (e.g. start of work at the construction site)

ZMI - Fahrzeugdatenerfassung

All time mobile data collection

ZMI - Fahrzeugdatenerfassung

The ZMI – Fahrzeugdatenerfassung (vehicle data acquisition) module is a useful addition to ZMI – Time and ZMI – orgAuftrag. In addition to time and material bookings, the information about the driven routes and the current location of the company vehicles is also mobile: The data is collected via the mobile data collection device in the vehicle or on the construction site. The position of the vehicle is determined via the built-in GPS receiver. Every change of state (e.g. engine starts or vehicle drives off) is stored as a data record with GPS coordinates. This records when the vehicle leaves the company, reaches the construction site, leaves the construction site again, etc.

Capture data conveniently with a smartphone

Data can also be recorded without permanent installation in the vehicle, using a smartphone with a built-in GPS module. This device then regularly transmits the position data to the control center via GPRS.

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ZMI bietet Ihnen flexible Lösungen zur Fahrzeugdatenerfassung. Wir finden auch für Ihr Unternehmen eine individuelle Lösung!

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Advantages of ZMI – Fahrzeugdatenerfassung

Clear detailed listing of company vehicle trips

All driven routes are automatically documented in the order post-calculation in ZMI – orgAuftrag.

Precise recording of costs possible (log of trips)

The incurred travel costs are also automatically shown in ZMI – Auftrag and enable a realistic representation of the order costs.

Reliable operationwith vehicle data logger and Mobilmaster

The vehicle data logger records, via the digital inputs, the vehicle status (e.g. engine on/off) and the kilometers traveled.

Time saving

After recording, the transfer, display and evaluation of your data is completely automatic.

Integration with ZMI – Time

ZMI – Fahrzeugdatenerfassung can be easily integrated, based on the basic module ZMI – Time.

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