Time recording everywhere. Stationary. Web. App. Cloud.

Your working time recording has to be simple and intuitive and should only take a minimum of time? All employees in the company should be able to work effortlessly with the system? You need evaluations and reports at the push of a button? With ZMI – Time time recording becomes easy!

ZMI – Time: Time recording in beautiful

Even the basic module contains all the essential functions of a working time recording system as well as the vacation and shift planner. The software is clearly structured and easy to use. A correction assistant also supports users in their daily work and points out any potential errors.

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Decentralized time recording in the web browser

The newly developed ZMI – WebClient simplifies time recording many times over and makes it even more flexible. Employees can not only record attendance and order/project times, but also apply for absence days (vacation / business trip) or e.g. overtime.

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Mobile time recording via app

With the ZMI – App you have your mobile booking tool for a continuous personnel time recording easily everywhere. The ZMI – App is the ideal companion for order or project time recording in the assembly and service area. If your employees are equipped with smartphones anyway, the necessary hardware is already available for each employee and the app can be easily downloaded from the App or Playstore.

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Order and project time recording with ZMI

Do you want to record how much time employees have spent on a specific order or project? Are manually managed timesheets too cumbersome and error-prone for you? Then the ZMI – Auftrag module is exactly what you need.

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Personal planning with ZMI

With the web-based module ZMI – Planner you create your staff scheduling digitally and in real time.

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Manage personnel documents digitally from a central location

With the ZMI – File module, you drastically reduce the number of paper documents within HR. At the same time, the provision of information to employees is digitized and the administration effort is minimized through central storage. Your employees can access their personal documents digitally via the employee portal – provided they have the appropriate authorization.

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Software as a Service

In order to be able to use our software solutions without an own data center, we offer all ZMI modules as a service (Software as a Service). This way you are not forced to host the ZMI – software solutions with your own IT and save costs for your own IT equipment and the administration of operating systems.

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