ZMI Sicherheit - digital access control & analysis ZMI Sicherheit - digital access control & analysis

In today’s working world, the reliable protection of grounds, buildings, rooms or places against unauthorized access is just as important as knowing which people are in certain authorized locations, when, where and for how long. ZMI access control allows access without a key. This increases your security enormously: because without an existing key, there is no threat of its loss and the costly replacement of all door locks. Only the lost ID card must be blocked.

ZMI – Zutritt

Both authorized and unauthorized access attempts can be viewed in a log. This means that you always have the information about who tried to gain access, when and where. The hardware can be tuned to any number of doors. ZMI – Zutrittskontrolle control can be set up in a simple system for up to eight doors. In this case, a time recording terminal with access module is sufficient to control the door openings.

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ZMI – Connect

With ZMI – Connect, you can expand your electronic access control system to include wireless access points. Depending on the hardware used, the access control components are connected by radio (online access control) or via the RFID medium (offline access control).

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ZMI – Führerscheinkontrolle

With the ZMI – Führerscheinkontrolle you ensure more legal security in your fleet. The cyclic control of the driver’s license is simply done at your terminal for time recording and access control.

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