ZMI - Zutritt - Zutrittskontrolle without key ZMI - Zutritt - Zutrittskontrolle without key

Keep the overview with access control

Both authorized and unauthorized access attempts can be viewed in a log. This way, you always have the information about who tried to gain access, when and where. The hardware can be tuned to any number of doors. ZMI – Zutrittskontrolle control can be set up in a simple system for up to eight doors. In this case, a time recording terminal with access module is sufficient to control the door openings.

ZMI - Zutritt

Advantages of ZMI – access control

  • Greater building security
  • Precise listing of all accesses
  • Hardware can be adjusted to any number of doors
  • Fire department list (Via the ZMI – access control a list of present persons per company area can be displayed, which e.g. can be used by the fire department in case of fire).
  • Consulting

Access control is a sensitive system, where the requirements and their implementation must be carefully checked or planned. ZMI will provide you with experienced staff who will discuss the system with you in detail, from the hardware (terminals + access readers) to the locks and the software. If you wish, we can also take care of the coordination and agreement with the door manufacturers and electricians.

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ZMI offers you flexible solutions for online access control. We will also find an individual solution for your company!

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Access control for more complex systems

In more complex systems, any number of doors and also control devices such as turnstiles and barriers can be controlled. The control units can be distributed decentrally on the site.

ZMI works with the leading hardware manufacturers in Germany and can offer the optimum hardware to suit your requirements and install it as a complete system. We distinguish between online and offline access control:

Online access control

  • individual access times (per door, per area and per employee / group)
  • open doors only at permitted times
  • precise listing of all accesses
  • logging of unauthorized access attempts

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