ZMI - Moblile working time recording with WebClient / Workflow

Decentralized time recording in the web browser

The newly developed ZMI – WebClient simplifies time recording many times over and makes it even more flexible. Employees can not only record attendance and order/project times, but also apply for absence days (vacation / business trip) or e.g. overtime.

ZMI - WebClient Terminal

Mobile time recording with ZMI – WebClient / Workflow

Of course, the current smartphone generations open up new possibilities, also for time recording. All functions of the ZMI – WebClient can be used comfortably via smartphone or tablet computer. The employee can thus also make / process his vacation requests outside of working hours, or at any location in the world, view the desired information at his leisure. In addition, the activities that were normally carried out in the payroll office or in the HR department or by the time recording officer can now be done decentrally. This is especially beneficial for companies with multiple locations or branches.

Functions of the ZMI – WebClient

The ZMI – WebClient is a shift planner, vacation planner, time recording and order manager in one. Its main functions include:

ZMI - WebClient vacation request

  • Correction of booking errors
  • Request management: Making and approving requests (vacation / business trip)
  • Entry of absence days (sick, vacation, doctor’s appointment…)
  • Release of overtime
  • and much more.

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Vacation planner without paperwork

The employees submit the vacation request directly in the ZMI – WebClient. Afterwards, the responsible supervisor is automatically notified. If the request is approved, the vacation is booked and the employee receives the vacation confirmation. In case of rejection, a reason can also be entered. This is how the ZMI – WebClient functions as an organized vacation planner that saves time for employees and supervisors.

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ZMI - WebClient Vacation Planner

Time recording for trust-based working time

Many companies now rely on trust-based working time. This means that either officially no working hours are recorded at all, or the employee is responsible for his or her own working hours. In most cases, however, employees still record their times using their own shift planners or Excel files in order to have an overview of the times worked or the current status of overtime. This is time-consuming and costs a lot of working time.

Here, the ZMI – WebClient offers a convenient possibility via the monthly mask to manually and subsequently enter the working times and thus to have a uniform recording medium.

Advantages of the ZMI – WebClient

Time saving for your IT

With your ZMI – solution you achieve a drastic time saving on the part of your IT department. Because for the administrators the time-consuming installation of a software at the workstations is omitted. Only a web server service is installed centrally, which the authorized employees can access.

Simple operation

The ZMI – WebClient is very easy to use. Employees can start using the system immediately after it has been set up – without any time-consuming training.

Employee information

The ZMI – WebClient offers extensive information such as monthly reports, current balance (overtime, remaining vacation…), message center (internal email system for incoming and outgoing messages), status of requests (current and approved / archived requests for e.g. vacation), and much more.

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