Simply record order and project times digitally Simply record order and project times digitally

Order and project time recording with ZMI

ZMI - Auftrag Order details

Do you want to record how much time employees have spent on a specific order or project? Are manually managed timesheets too cumbersome and error-prone for you? Then the ZMI – Auftrag module is exactly what you need. Times can be recorded via software, but also mobile or using stationary terminals. Each recorded booking is immediately evaluated, and the order status is determined. Thus, it is possible to recalculate each individual order or view its status at any time.

ZMI - Auftrag Order overview

Flexible through import interface

In the event that you already enter the orders, e.g. in merchandise management or in another system, the necessary data (order number, designation, activities, cost centers, target hours, etc.) can be automatically transferred to the store floor data collection of ZMI via an import interface. When using ZMI – orgAuftrag (ZMI’s organization and merchandise management solution), the interface is not required, as the data is transferred directly.

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Extension possibilities of ZMI – Order

You would like to have a location-independent time recording terminal? Simply extend ZMI’s order and project time recording with the ZMI – WebClient or the ZMI – App. You want a module around fleet information management? Simply extend it with ZMI – Vehicle Data Collection. Get an overview of all extension possibilities of ZMI – Auftrag here:

ZMI - Statustableau Order overview

  • Cost center recording
  • Quantity recording
  • Machine data collection
  • Status display
  • Import & export of data to e.g. enterprise resource planning, PPS/ERP systems
  • WebClient / Workflow (time booking and request management in the web browser)
  • Software terminal
  • Vehicle data acquisition
  • Organization and merchandise management solution
  • ZMI – orgAuftrag
  • ZMI – Analyse (flexible analyses and graphical evaluations)

Features of the order and project time recording from ZMI

  • Full integration into the personnel time recording ZMI – Time
  • No multiple entry of personnel master data
  • Order master data management
  • Management of activities, cost centers, hourly rates, target times
  • Order file with document archive
  • Post calculation & controlling
  • Import of order data

ZMI advantages

Einfache Bedienung 100%
Zusammenfassung von mehreren Aufträgen 100%
Zuordnung von Kosten (z.B. Reise und Material) 100%
Individuelle Auswertungsmöglichkeiten 100%

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