Digital time recording in the cloud

ZMI’s cloud system makes digital time tracking easier: because the cloud is accessible on the web anytime and anywhere, employees and supervisors can access it at any time and easily get an overview of work, vacation and absence times. No more manually typing timesheets into Excel spreadsheets, no more wasted time, no more avoidable errors.


All employees book their working hours. From simple “coming” and “going” to absences of any kind, all information can be recorded, processed and evaluated in a variety of ways:

  • Vacation days
  • Sick days
  • Training days
  • Public holiday compensation
  • Special leave
  • Overtime reduction
  • Maternity leave
  • Parental leave

Advantages for employees

Employees can view all overtime, working hours, duty rosters, etc. and report their respective availabilities via a personnel access. This facilitates the assessment for possible leave requests or requests to reduce overtime. Overtime is automatically calculated based on booked times and specified weekly or monthly hours.

Advantages for employers

The supervisor/employer can ideally adapt the cloud system to his operation: Depending on requirements, breaks can be booked exactly, e.g. via a terminal or personnel access on the web, or are deducted automatically (this can vary from employee to employee). Duty and shift schedules can be created quickly and clearly by employers, who have an overview of all availabilities and hours already worked.

All advantages at a glance

When you record working time online with ZMI, the following advantages arise for you compared to conventional, manual systems such as spreadsheets.

  • Time-saving
  • Error-preventing
  • Always and everywhere accessible on the web
  • Comfortable compliance with labor law
  • Easy management of temporary workers
  • Effortless shift and duty planning
  • Diverse evaluation options
  • All employees and times at a glance
  • Clear calendar function