ZMI Organization - from planning board to vehicle data collection

With the help of ZMI modules you can organize your company without cumbersome manual Excel file. Organisieren Sie Ihren Fuhrpark und analysieren Sie Ihre Fahrzeugdaten mit ZMI – Fahrzeugdatenerfassung, managen Sie Ihre Warenwirtschaft und Kundenbeziehungen mit ZMI – orgAuftrag und planen Sie Aufträge und Mitarbeiter übersichtlich in der ZMI – Plantafel. In your fleet, you ensure more legal certainty with the ZMI – Führerscheinkontrolle check.


ZMI – Plantafel

You no longer want to plan your orders or the assignments of your assembly or service employees manually or with an Excel file? You would also like to be able to plan your other resources (vehicles, rooms, equipment, and machines) reasonably? Then the ZMI planning board is a useful addition to your ZMI system (e.g. ZMI – Time).

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ZMI – orgAuftrag

One System for everything: ZMI – orgAuftrag supports you in the intelligent management of your company through information, organization, planning and analysis. Business success is based on qualified information management.

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ZMI – Fahrzeugdatenerfassung

With this ZMI – module you can extend your time and order management to your fleet. The advantages for a fleet management are manifold – the following information can be obtained in detail:

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