Digitalization in the skilled crafts sector - ZMI
Digitalization in the skilled crafts sector

Digitalization in the skilled crafts sector

This was the motto of ZMI’s event on digitalization in the craft trades in Kaufbeuren at its long-standing customer, Linara GmbH.

Customer-oriented behavior plus suitable software ensures amazement and enthusiasm among customers, relieves employees and ensures a sense of achievement!

At the invitation of Steffen Berger, ZMI GmbH, numerous participants were able to provide impetus for a more successful interplay between customer-oriented behavior of employees and the benefits of supporting software at the event “Digitalization in the skilled trades” on June 29, 2017. The host was Leif Würtz, Linara company, who contributed a pleasant setting and good suggestions from company practice.

From left to right: Robert Bitz and Leif Würtz, Linara GmbH, Umberta Andrea Simonis and Wolfgang Kaa, Simonis ServiceKultur and Steffen Berger, ZMI


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